INS SSMIX 2 m3 - single shaft mixsers





Via the sensor found on the distribution block, it is checked whether oil goes to the lubrication points or not; if oil does not go, warning notice is displayed on the computer screen.Single shaft spiral mixing levers are durable and extended life mixers, which have faster mixing with their compact structures, and are easy to operate with their practical loading.

Sealing components are continuously lubricated with automatic lubrication system in order to ensure long expected life. 





• Changeable and adjustable strong structure steel cast mixing levers,

• Ball and bronze bearing system with high ratio sealing

• Complete steel cast bolted changeable body lining metal sheets,

• Complete steel cast bolted changeable hi-hard 500 hardbox metal sheets,

• Extended life sealing and bearing system with time adjusted automatic lubricating system,

• Hydraulic lower discharge cover,

• Double-bed connection lower discharge cover,

• Upper maintenance cover and lower maintenance cover security sensors,

• Complete hinged expanding aggregate filling duct,

• Spring-connection light and easy opening upper maintenance cover,

• Cement filling duct with collapsible hinged connection,

• Automatic washing of the inside of the mixer with high pressure water spray nozzles installed in certain intervals within the mixer,

• Water distributor system,

• More aesthetic appearance thanks to the body completely covered with metal    sheet,

• Fast mixing with its compact structure,

• Easy operation with practical loading,

• Extended life and high quality,

• High efficiency. 



Origin : Turkey
Type : INS 3000/2000
Load capacity : 3000 LT
Fresh concrete capacity : 2500 LT
Compacted concrete capacity : 2000 LT
Motor- Gear box power : 2x37 kW GAMAK
Mixer side body linings : Hardox 15 mm
Mixer body linings : Ni Hard casting - 18 mm 
Mixer and scraper palettes : Ni Hard casting - 20 mm 
Automatic central lubrication : LINCOLN
Mixer handles : Ni Hard casting - 50 mm 
Water distributor and pressure automatic cleaning system : Yes
Hydraulic discharge cover : 2 Unit hydraulic piston assembly
Maintenance cover,safety switch : 1 Unit Sensor Switch
Bottom drain cover,safety switch : 1 Unit Sensor Switch
Chain drive door Switch : 1 Unit Sensor Switch
Guiding system exclusive   : Sealing device systems.